our trips

surendorf 2013

in our summer vacations we just wanted to get to the sea without spending a lot of money. we decided to go camping whithout any plans. so at least we ended up in noer where we did not found any place to stay. after one night in our tent at the beach we hitchhiked to the nearby surendorf where we even found a camping ground. all in all we had a fantastic journey and met some nice people, we are still in touch with.

germany 2014

inspired by our last trip we wanted to hitchhike through germany.  the day before we started the trip we decided to go to berlin and couchsurf there. at least we arrived in berlin without a place to sleep but fortunately we're able to stay at a great international commune from couchsurfing. after a few days we lifted to hamburg altona where we stayed for two more days before leaving to visit surendorf and meet our friends from the last year again.

amsterdam 2014

this time we decided to leave germany and discover the netherlands. for the first night we've chosen a german city close to the dutch border to hitchhike to amsterdam the next day. it took the whole day and five different cars to get there but it was the most exciting and a very funny experience, we met many great people. in amsterdam we couchsurfed again and explored the beautiful city. to get back to germany it only needed one car and then the train to get home.